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Ronan Leonard – ‘Now That You Know’


Ronan Leonard’s new single ‘Now That You Know,’ delivers a fittingly stripped-down production: mostly, unfussy drums, bass, and electric guitars, with emotional fiddle lines, that harmonize in all the right places. It’s got a touch of old Van Morrison, in his most attentive of moods. Ronan gives it to us straight. He tells us very directly how he’s feeling about a tough, heart-wrenching situation, and we thank him for it.

Imagine, if you can, that a relative has just received a life-changing diagnosis of dementia, one that will soon enough take them from you. You can still ask some questions, and look back down the road you have traveled upon to get to this point; all the while knowing that you also have a ticket for this voyage somewhere in your own belongings.

This is the heart of ‘Now That You Know.’ It’s a gentle reminiscing with a beloved. It’s a coming to terms with… and it’s a gentle philosophical prodding in the direction of the unknown.

‘Now That You Know’ received airplay on RTE Radio 1’s Ronan Collins show • 54 MINS • 09 MARCH.